Access To Capital

How We Invest

We invest in management. We do not have a formula, or set investment structure. We base all our decisions after researching and investigating the entire investment opportunity. This due diligence qualifies the determination of amount to invest, and what business advice and professional services are required to assist the client in achieving their goals.

Aspen Browne’s an alternative investment firm that prides itself on building positive and successful relationships. Relationships with a focus on High-Growth Investments in Small to Mid Capitalized Companies.

By gaining a complete understanding of what our portfolio companies need to accelerate growth, we can begin to layout not only an investment solution but a business development solution to give each of our clients the best possible chance of success.


Many of our clients have immediate financial needs when seeking capital. Clients need to pay filing fees, exchange fees, accounting, and many others to remain current on the stock exchange. We will help keep you current and compliant while planning a substantial raise. We understand that need and can provide "just in time" capital to help pay for these minor fees.

Long Term Capital

We invest in projects that require a long-term capital partner. The amounts of those investments range between $1 Million to $5 Million over a predetermined time for qualified clients. We work alongside our clients and assist in building a future for their company with not only capital, but synergistic teamwork and professional advice.


All public fund raising comes with risks and are never guaranteed as there is no way to accurately predict the public market. Aspen Browne's team has a long history of working with public companies and raising capital, but risk is always present in the public market.