Funding Sources

Aspen Browne Capital Partners provides customized equity and debt funding for publicly-traded companies through a range of flexible investments which include:




This investment option will provide your company with continuous capital based on a predetermined agreement provided all requirements are met.



Dollar Investment

We will invest up to $1 million of capital into any qualifying public company listed on the US exchange that is current on the exchange and meets Aspen Browne’s Million Dollar Investment requirements.




Bridge Loans are available for companies that require immediate capital. These loans are what we call, "Just in Time" capital. This type of capital is available for our clients that have met all requirements for the bridge loan.


Go Public

and Raise $1MM

By going public, a company gains a multitude of advantages. At Aspen Browne, we understand locating a legitimate public shell, finding a legal team, and the numerous other requirements needed to become public, seems unachievable so we have simplified it for our clients. For $75,000 USD, we will purchase a public vehicle and complete all legal work to ultimately get your company trading on an exchange. Once trading, we will raise up to 1 million in operating capital for the company.